The first of the four “cards”, the Overview provides a visual summary of the club’s domestic trophy cabinet, as well as key details on the location and stadium as well as the number of members and Facebook likes.


1. Club Name and Division. German clubs are often referred to differently wherever you look (FC Bayern München / Bayern München, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim / TSG Hoffenheim / 1899 Hoffenheim) so here I have used the same format as the official Bundesliga website. Source: bundesliga.de

2. Domestic Titles. Probably the easiest figures to find, but still in need of clarification. Even though the Bundesliga has only been in existence since 1963, the German championship started well before then. Nevertheless, to keep the design clean and consistent, the Bundesliga shield has been used to represent every German Championship won by every team. The same approach is used for the DFB-Pokal (reinstated in 1953 and previously known as the Tschammer-Pokal) and the DFL Supercup, which has had two incarnations. Source: transfermarkt.de

3. Club Members. The number of full club memberships as at 01.06.2016. Sources: transfermarkt.de, official club website

4. Facebook “Likes”. The number of Facebook “likes” as at 01.06.2016, taken from the club’s official page on the social networking site. Source: Facebook

5. Club Logo. The official logo of the club. Sources: club contact, Wikipedia

6. Stadium. The current name of the stadium at the end of the 2015/16 season. The stadium capacity can change regularly, and the numbers are correct as of 01.06.2016. Source: transfermarkt.de

7. Establishment. One of the few facts that never changes, the foundation date of every club. Source: transfermarkt.de

8. Cheapest Season Ticket. The price of the cheapest full adult season ticket, usually in standing areas, taken from each official club website. These prices are for the 2015/16 season. Sources: club contact, official club website