Look inside the book.

Open the cover of The Little Bundesliga Book, and you will be immediately overwhelmed by a plethora of facts and fun stats. Each of the thirty-six Bundesliga 1 and 2 clubs, as well as the promoted third division teams, have four pages of dedicated information. The first two pages provide a colourful mix of trivial and factual historical detail, while the last two cover the most recent season.


The introduction. Up to date historical information including domestic trophies, location, date of establishment and the current stadium capacity. Oh, and the number of club memberships and likes on Facebook if you are into that sort of thing.

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In Depth.

More historical data, perfect for playing a top trumps style game with your friends and fellow Bundesliga enthusiasts. International trophies, biggest wins and defeats, most appearances, top goalscorers, biggest transfer, World Cup winners. Trivia facts, club song and Stadionbier.

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Season Summary.

A summary of the previous season in numbers and infographics. League table, week-by-week progress graph, winning, unbeaten, undefeated and losing run streaks, high-level competition overview.

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Squad Focus.

More detailed season statistics and charts. Squad details and composition, top goalscorers, top performer, youngest and oldest player, red and yellow cards, squad value and most valuable player.

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