One day, I just felt like putting together a bundle of statistics on the Bundesliga. Top goalscorers, season records, and the beer you can buy at every ground. From top goalscorers and season records to the beer you can buy in every ground, all in an easy to read graphical format. The result is the Little Bundesliga Book.
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The introduction. Including domestic trophies, location, date of establishment and stadium capacity. Oh, and the number of club memberships and likes on Facebook.

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In Depth

International trophies, biggest wins and defeats, most appearances, top goalscorers, biggest transfer, World Cup winners. Trivia fact, club song and Stadionbier.

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Season Summary

A summary of the previous season. League table, week-by-week progress graph, winning, unbeaten, undefeated and losing run streaks, high-level competition overview.

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Squad Focus

Detailed season stats: squad details and composition, top goalscorers, top performer, youngest and oldest player, red and yellow cards, squad value and most valuable player.


Now that you have seen the concept, you'll be wanting to know where this all going. The first plan is to turn this project into a book, but this is just one of many things than can be achieved. From a fun card game that takes us back to the good old days of Top Trumps through to posters and mouse mats. The project is already running, but to really get it off the ground will take a little more effort. Find out more about how you can help here.

The Book

The Little Bundesliga Book.

Thirty-six teams, one hundred and forty four pages, hundreds of facts, stats and interesting items of data. All together in one neat little book.

The Game

My Bochum beats your Bayern!

Remember Top Trumps? As well as a great little book, the BuliBook infographic cards make a fantastic and fun card game too.


It doesn't end here.

This is just the start. I am a fan of the Bundesliga, but the concept is flexible. The Premier League, Serie A, La Liga… Watch this space.


The idea is there. The concept is solid. The project is slowly clicking into gear. But it will take that little bit extra to get it off the ground.
You too can not only enjoy this great project, but also be a part of it.

The research has already been done. Trawling through results, creating graphs and doughnut charts. Wading through rivers of names and numbers. Pending a few small tweaks as I make my way towards the final straight, the design is also done too.

All that remains now is to create the final product, and this is where you come in. I know there are plenty of fans out there, and the few prototypes I have leaked so far have received positive reviews.

Formulating an idea is easy, but getting it out there into the market is a completely different ball game.

I tried on Kickstarter and didn't quite get there, so now have reverted to a more simple Paypal funding approach. You can find out how to Back the Book here.


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